This page offers some links to writings about t’ej that I’ve found around the internet – not that you’d ever need to know more about t’ej than you can learn right here.

Websites come and go, so I welcome notes from readers who find a dead link, or who would like to propose a link to an interesting site relating to t’ej. Some of these links are informative, some more narrative and entertaining.

Of course, if you want to buy some t’ej, you can visit my ever-growing roundup of wineries that make it. And you need go nowhere else but this website to learn how to make your own t’ej.

News & Information about T’ej

♦ The Ethiopian artist Seyoum Ayalew has painted five vivid portraits of life in an Ethiopian t’ej bet, and you can see them – or buy them – at this website.

♦ The artist Daniel Getahun – born in Ethiopia, now living and working in Toronto – painted this amusing image of three men in a t’ej bet. And from the artist Getachew Berhanu, here’s an especially convivial look at a t’ej bet.

♦ The website Addis Ababa Online, in a piece from 2013, calls the t’ej bet a “rare hub of free expression” in Ethiopia.

♦ Addis Fortune, an English-language weekly published in Ethiopia, wrote a piece about the thriving business of local (as opposed to corporate) t’ej-makers.

♦ The website All Africa takes a look at winemaking in Ethiopia, which of course all began with t’ej.

♦ The Chinese news agency CCTV broadcast an English-language report about the popularity of t’ej in Ethiopia, focusing on an entrepreneur who began selling t’ej to markets in plastic bottles.

♦ If you search Wikimapia, you can see – from the sky – the locations of many tej bets around Ethiopia. Here’s a search list, and here are links to a few of the ones I’ve found: Gondar T’ej Bet, named for the former capital of Ethiopia; Deneke Werke T’ej Bet, named for its owner (as many are), in the eastern Ethiopian city Dire Dawa; Ato Maru T’ej Bet, named for its owner, Mr. Maru, and in business since 1960; and Tobia T’ej Bet, a rather well-known establishment in Addis Ababa, the nation’s capital.

Tales of T’ej

♦ Ilan Ben Zion visited some t’ej bets in Ethiopia and described what he saw and tasted.

Harry Kloman
University of Pittsburgh